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Our consulting professionals achieve results using methods that rely on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation.

define business needs ad requirements


  • A high-level map pf the process is initiated.

  • Identifying technical problems.

  • Understanding the needs of the customer and outlining the project focus for the leadership of the organization.

  • Work with customers to understand business requirements and needs.

solutions, improving current process


  • Assisting in business process improvements, process re-engineering and process design to achieve business goals.

  • Developing solutions to support business objectives.

  • Collecting data to confirm measurable improvements.

  • Performing necessary training and awareness of new process improvements and change policies.

Measure current process, data collection


  • Measuring the performance of the current process

  • Collecting data measuring process and what customer cares about.

  • Data gathering for KPI (Key performance Index reporting.​

Analyze data.


  • Identifying root causes of the problem via brainstorming sessions.

  • Developing hypotheses

  • Verification of process analysis and data analysis

  • Analyzing of resource displacement and physical structural maximization techniques.

documening, SOP, control.


  • Creating a monitoring plan to continue measuring success of the updated process.

  • Documenting the improved process.

  • hand-over of plans to process owner for ongoing maintenance

  • Applying gains of one project to other areas of the organization.

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